Becoming Light VR

Becoming Light is an immersive world made for live performance and virtual reality. As a virtual reality installation, participants are free to interact with the world of light and sound on a path through memory and dream-like space. The motions of the performing body are remembered within the world and re-encountered as ghost-like storytellers along the journey. As the pathway through the world unfolds, voices and recorded poetry is discovered revealing an ethereal narrative. The shape, timing, and velocity of the body changes the way the story is experienced.

As a performance piece, an audience member is invited to participate as an explorer immersed in the virtual world. A solo dancer guides the immersant and audience through the world of light through subtle verbal suggestions and questions. Can you see your body? Can you see my body? Where are you now? The performer can be seen and recorded in virtual space as a cloud of ethereal particles, creating a symphony of movement and gesture. The audience is a witness to the conversational balance between the physical and the virtual, seeing what the immersant is focused on painted onto the wall with at times real-time projection and other times bluring projected light and color.


MAT End of Year Show, Rehabituation, 2017. MAT transLAB