Fabric is an exploration in immersive gestural based interaction for the AlloSphere. The goal was to create a intuitive interaction experience where a user can reach into an environment and shape what they see. This prototype environment is a cloth simulation using a spring mass system. Interaction is implemented using the PhaseSpace active led tracking system and an led glove. Pinch gestures are recognized when each finger tip led is within a small threshold distance of the thumb led. To create an immersive interaction experience, the user's head must also be tracked by a single led. Interaction rays are then shot out into the world from the user's head position toward the user's glove and intersect with parts of the environment, exerting forces upon what you touch.

Users can push, pull, and tear the virtual fabric using their own movement, allowing them to sculpt the environment around them. Interactive sonification of the gestures ultimately make them feel even more powerful and immersive.