Kodama ('tree spirit') is a hybrid performance and installation piece staged in parallel interactive virtual worlds. The space lets participants become the wind, the environment, and time itself as they interact with and shape trees living within virtual space.

Kodama is an exploration in the interface between alternate worlds: the physical, the virtual, and the imaginary. There is a flexibility in virtual space, you can break the rules and rapidly explore the possibilities of living organisms that make forms and motions inconceivable in reality that excite your imagination. Kodama invites viewers into a virtual world with its own sense of time, physical laws, and life forms and gives participants the power to shape what they see with their bodies.


MAT End of Year Show, June 6th, 2014. MAT transLAB

With poetry by: Caitlyn O'Flaherty

Performers: Jane Hamor, Monica Moe Mulvany, Malcolm McCarthy