Nothing is Ever Forgotten

A single performer emerges from among the audience seated in the empty room. Picking up a glove from the center of the room, he guides audience on a journey through an invisible natural world of sounds. As he searches his way through the space with his hands outstreched, he finds birds chirping, bees humming, grass rustling, streams trickling. A wavering tone begins to grow and the natural sounds fade away as the performer closes his eyes and enters into a dream. A poem begins to play, and as the performer moves, the poem shifts with his movements, slowing down and speeding up, as if he was speaking directly from his body

Nothing is Ever Forgotten is a performance piece, a poem created to be read and performed by a moving body. It was created to be performed in an intelligent space where the moving body can be tracked, such as the transLAB at UCSB.

The space uses motion tracking cameras and a 16 channel sound system to create an immersive spatial instrument where the body can explore and control sounds in the environment, weaving a dream of sounds in a once empty room.

We are made up of many smaller parts. What would it be like if every cell in your body was consciously aware of every other cell? If every piece of you was in harmony with every other piece? How do we maintain an awareness and connection to the most fundamental equipment we have in a growing world of technological augmentation? How can a deeper awareness of our bodies be important in the near future? Can the body know? What does the body know? These are a few of the question I am exploring in this piece. It is my intent to play with the idea that the human body is in itself intelligent, and ultimately to encourage viewers to listen to their own bodies.

The Poem


MAT End of Year Show, 2012.
The Knowing Body Student Colloquium, June 1, 2012